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I Have No Answers But Stones by Julia Bowsma
Broken by Peggy Ann Tartt
Hosannah by Elizabeth Gordon
Holograms Of Desire by Rosa Lane
Hungry Ghosts by Devereaux Baker
Ghosts by Nancy L. Davis
My Body Stops Here by Leslie Contreras Schwartz
Dying Stars by Carol Kapaun Ratchenski
Love In The Mid-Life by Kim Garcia
The Semiotics of Her Loss by Kim Welliver
Returning by Phuong Vuong
Forsaken by Farhana Qazi
Poem with a first line from e.e. cummings by Lori Desiroiers
Elegy for Liu Xiaobo by Dante Di Stefano
Elsewhere by Jacqueline Berger
Accept Loss & Move On by Travis Naught
Ominously & Brilliantly, Questionlessly Happy by Mary Jane White
Advice From My Immigrant Father by Allison Albino
Moving Day by Kelsey Ann Kerr
Cholera Etude by Jed Myers
Gamma Rays Are Eating Us by Jed Myers
It’s The Fear by Julia Roch
Jarrow Doll by Laura Potts
The Road To Houston by Kathryn Schwille
Gimmee Jimmy by Mary La Chapelle
Sunset At Alabaster by Christie Redding Williams
Ground Level by Mary Salisbury
Gucci Mane by Paul Alfonso Soto
Seven And A Half by Michael Cooper
Love Me Through A Hurricane by Amina Gautier
Taking On Water by Anne Trooper-Holbrook
The Pornographer Downstairs by Jax Peters Lowe
Silk Stockings, Flesh-Colored by Rose Kinney
Nightengale’s Lover by Lisa Sanchez
The Letting Go by Frank Meola
Crossing Guard by Joshua Bernstein
Kites by Michelle Shaw

Birds The Color Of Water by Kim McCrae

The Little House We Dance In by David G. Pace
Eleven Days Till Sunset by Venita Hall
The Sparrow And The Twig by Joanna Pocock
Losing My Mind And Getting A New One by Judith Hannah Weiss
Means Of Survival by Heidi McKinley
Extratemporal by Annie Dawid
Vanishing by Ellen Graham
Hassan’s Wedding by Rosie Cohan
Like A Part Of You by Stephanie J. Andersen
The Draw by Julie Marie Wade
Brown Bear by Tanyo Ravicz
Cold-blooded Conservation by Joseph Robertia
Backbone by Sarah Weaver
In Between by Anne Gudger
The Hawk Moth Story by Sharon Ord Warner
In Between by Anne Gudger