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WE OFFER FOUR WEEK ONE-ON-ONE INTENSIVE ONLINE MENTOR SESSIONS WITH MASTER WRITERS IN POETRY, SHORT STORY, THE NOVEL, ENVIROMENTAL ESSAYS, MEMOIR, POETRY IN TRANSLATION. $1,000 flat fee.  COMPLETE MANUSCRIPT EVALUATION IN POETRY, SCREENPLAY, THE NOVEL AND SHORT STORY.  $2,000 fee. This is much less expensive than a writers conference or writing program.  SPACE IS LIMITED!   Fee refundable if mentor does not fulfill his/her contract.  TO REGISTER, EMAIL cutthroatmag@gmail.com or call 970-903-7914.

POETRY:  Patricia Smith, Patricia Spears Jones, Richard Jackson, Pam Uschuk, Doug Anderson, Marilyn Kallet, Annie Finch, William Pitt Root

SHORT STORY:  Donley Watt, Naomi Benaron, Darlin' Neal, William Luvaas, Melissa Pritchard, Meg Pokrass, Beth Alvarado

MEMOIR:  Doug Anderson and Beth Alvarado

MIXED GENRE:  Sean Thomas Dougherty and Meg Pokrass

ESSAYS:  Linda Hogan and Beth Alvarado

NOVEL:  Donley Watt and Naomi Benaron