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BECAUSE WE ARE WORKING ON A SPECIAL PRINT ISSUE, THE BEST OF CUTTHROAT, WE ARE NOT READING REGULAR SUBMISSIONS TIL SPRING 2016.  PLEASE ENTER OUR CONTESTS!  REGULAR SUBMISSION GUIDELINES beginning 3/15/16:  Submit online or by U.S. Mail.  We consider all styles, and we publish flash fiction!  Our main criteria is literary excellence with an edge.  Address envelope to the appropriate editor.  Submit poetry and fiction separately.  Send no more than 5 poems (100 line limit per poem) or one short story (5000 word limit).  Send one submission per reading period.  Send only your best writing.   Include author name & contact info. on all submissions!We consider all styles, and we publish flash fiction!  No submission fees for regular submissions.  Author payment is in contributor copies, except for contest winners.  WE PREFER ONLINE SUBMISSIONS THROUGH OUR SUBMISSION MANAGER.  Please do not resubmit unless an editor asks you to do so. Include a brief cover letter. We recycle ms. WE DO  NOT READ MAILED SUBMISSIONS THAT DO NOT INCLUDE A SASE.  ALLOW 4-6 MONTHS FOR A RESPONSE.  We suggest that you read a copy of our journal before you submit to us so that you may determine our literary tastes.   For more information,call 1-970-903-7914 or email us at cutthroatmag@gmail.com​ 

Regular Submission Guidelines:
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